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SoftLight is the leader in Lighting Showroom Software, written specifically for the lighting industry with support provided by actual lighting showroom owners. SoftLight's innovative program has been in use by Lighting Showrooms since 1984, many of them ARTS Award winners and nominees. Unlike other lighting software that was written for another industry and later adapted to lighting, SoftLight was written by and for lighting showroom people and is constantly updated to meet the ever changing demands of the Lighting business.

SoftLight is the nation's most imitated lighting software available. Unlike most lighting software packages that charge you more as you add computers and your business grows, we never do. At SoftLight, we don't believe in punishing you for the success that our software can help you achieve.

Before you consider buying a lighting software package, ask these important questions:

· Is the software industry specific or was it written for another industry and doctored to

· ….. work in lighting?
· Who provides the support? When you call or email questions, are the people working
· ….. with you current or former lighting people or are they computer programmers that
· ….. might never have been in a Lighting Showroom?
· Are you charged more when you add computers and files as your business grows?
· Is the software easy to learn?

SoftLight's lighting software is 100% industry specific, supported by actual lighting people, grows with your business without additional charges, and no lighting software is easier to learn.

With SoftLight you can customize the software so that it fits the way you do business… you don't have to run your business like a software programmer thinks you should.

The value of SoftLight's Lighting Showroom Software can only be determined when you realize the number of hours you can personally save, the increased efficiency and accuracy of employees, and the improvements in profitability you are all but guaranteed to realize.

With several ways to purchase a SoftLight license, some with a low down payment and realistic monthly lease fees, there is no reason not to have SoftLight's innovative lighting software streamlining your business and increasing your profits.

We look forward to becoming an integral part of your successful business and hope you will take the time to allow us to contact you and link you to a free copy of our SoftLight Lighting Software package for your evaluation.

For more specifics on the features of SoftLight's Lighting Showroom Software, select the “Program Features” and “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) tabs on this page

    Call Us Now   1-520-990-8650        
    Call Us Now   1-520-990-8650        
Copyright 2008 by SoftLight, Inc.   All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2008 by SoftLight, Inc.   All Rights Reserved