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"Softlight is the absolute best lighting software.  From inventory, purchasing, accounts receivable and reporting...it's like it was written just for our business.  Plus, it's so user friendly, and the support is also terrific! "

      Michelle Harbold
      Main Line Lighting

"Lights from Softlight is very easy to use. All the information is right there including the light bulbs that need to be ordered. It is a great investment for your lighting business."

      Linda M. Pavletich, LS
      Premier Lighting 
Home     Company     Program Features     Testimonials     FAQ     News     Customer Support

"While searching for a software program to run my business, my first question was "Is it industry specific"? SoftLight was not only written by lighting people for lighting people, but was also supported by people who were or are in the lighting industry, and that was very important to me. I made the right choice with SoftLight."

      Don Johnson
      Lighting Specialists

"I want to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for all the support we have gotten from you. We bought All-Lite April, 2007 and it was an overwhelming experience but thanks to your software capability, ease of use and the tremendous features that it had it made our work environment so much better. I cannot imagine running a lighting showroom without such a powerful software. Saying that is not good enough without customer support. There has never been a single moment when we needed support and you were not there, I know I can depend on you and your company for impeccable support. 

I cannot brag enough about your system, I recommend it highly for anyone wants to run an efficient showroom. Please use me as reference for anyone interested in your product, I would love to tell them about the advantages. Again John,  Many thanks for all your support."
     Joe Najm
     All-Lite Electric
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