Product Features - Inventory



· Enter an unlimited number of inventory items.
· Automatically print showroom price tags when price changes or receive new items.
· Enter bulbs used on fixtures, can be automatically added to invoices and housepacks.
· Perpetual history of fixture transactions, including returns and sales cancellations.
· Fixtures have distributor cost, optional discount % or special purchase price.
· All prices for a manufacturer can be updated with SoftLight's “upd” files.
· Fixtures assigned to categories. Reports can be filtered by fixture category.
· Last sale, sold quarter-to-date, quantity sold in 365 days, date added to inventory.
· How many on order, what PO, expected arrival date.
· How many reserved for customers, what customer and builder, date needed.
· Set a stock level, set desired day's supply, SoftLight will suggest your stock level.
· See how many you need to order today to fulfill stock levels and pre-sales.
· Automatically tracks average cost of each fixture on-hand for accounting reports.
· Set the standard carton quantity for ordering.
· Enter an on-screen note of unlimited length for each fixture.
· Identify an inventory item as a “unit-of-measure” (wire, chain, clips, etc).
· Order unit-of-measures by the roll or carton.
· Automatic tracking and pricing individual items when ordered as a unit-of-measure.
· Create an “assembly” of fixtures, sell as a one-price the assembly.
· All subassembly quantities and sales histories automatically updated.
· Automatically reprice an assembly when a subassembly changes price.
· Give a fixture an alias. Find fixture by stock number or alias.
· Link similar fixtures together, on PO SoftLight suggests the lowest priced one.
· Optionally code fixture numbers by “short sku” on price tags, bids, and sales orders.
· Track fixtures on-display or in the warehouse.
· Designate a fixture “do not display”
· Fixture “put-up” list automatically printed when a purchase order is received.
· A warehouse location for every fixture and manufacturer.
· Enter your own price rounding chart to round retail or builder prices.
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· .
· List of items in stock, quantity-on-hand, quantity-on-display, quantity defective.
· Print price list.
· Fixtures on display. Fixtures not on display.
· Fixtures with special purchase price.
· Inventory value, total or by supplier. Value of on-display, Value of fixtures in warehouse.
· Inventory value by fixture category.
· Quarterly fixture sales.
· Best Sellers. Slowest sellers.
· Excess inventory.
· Inventory aging.
· Sales vs. inventory percentage.
· Days supply of fixtures by supplier.
· Fixtures sold at a price other than retail or builder price, and who sold it.
· Fixtures sold at a special price and returned, and who returned it.
· Cancelled or returned special order fixtures, and who cancelled it.
· .
· .
· Automatically create a purchase order based on stock levels and reserved.
· Review items that need to be ordered, quickly jump to their sales history.
· When ordering, quickly view who the fixtures are reserved for, quantity-on-hand, etc.
· When creating PO, view defective or display items to see if another should be ordered.
· Automatically get an expected ship date based on the manufacturer's past history.
· When items are received prints a list of backordered pre-sales and special order items
· When items are received prints a list of those that should be put on display.
· Back-ordered items automatically stay on the purchase order for tracking.
· Print a list of all active purchase orders, or all purchase orders for a manufacturer.
· Print a list of all PO's older than 45 days (or any number you enter)
· Print a list of all items received on purchase orders during a time frame.
· A note of unlimited length can be added to each PO.
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· .
· HOUSEPACKS (Sales Orders)
· On a housepack (HP) enter the room location, quantity, and fixture.
· Bulbs automatically added to housepacks from the bulb file.
· Special order items are automatically identified on the housepack.
· Clone the housepack into other identical housepacks which eliminates typing.
· Identifies customers that are not on open account or on credit hold prior to delivery.
· Print a Walk Thru for the builder to make notes (ceiling height, special needs, etc.)
· Designates the HP taxable or non-taxable based on builder's tax status
· Designates the HP “overage by customer” or “overage by builder” from builder's file.
· Prices the HP as builder, retail, or applies a discount from the builder's file.
· Enter an allowance, tracks separate amount due from HP customer and builder.
· Determines which taxes apply to customer's portion and builder's portion of billing.
· Enter a PO number that will appear on billing.
· Backorders billed or not billed according to set-up in builder's file.
· Backorders billed cannot be re-billed, eliminates billing errors and omissions.
· Customer information can be automatically entered into a mailing list data base.
· Split a HP's commission into as many as 4 employees, separate percentages for each.
· Price a HP with retail or builder prices, or any markup entered.
· Optional separate markup for fixtures and bulbs.
· Lock a HP so that it can only be changed with a password.
· Optional customer copy that does not include actual stock numbers
· Print a Pull List, summarized by manufacturer, for the warehouse to stage the order.
· Print Delivery Tags for every box when shipping a housepack
· Delivery tag gives the address, builder, room location, fixture, and bulbs for the fixture.
· Print an Electrician's Copy that lists the individual fixtures, their room location and bulbs.
· Print a Delivery Copy to give the receiver of the shipment.
· Utilities to replace fixtures or bulbs in housepacks, remove or add all bulbs, etc.
· Automatically bills HP after delivery.
· Bills builder portion and customer portion separately based on allowance and overage.
· Taxes each invoice properly, allowing for builder's and customer's tax exempt status.
· Tax status of a builder can be chosen from a user setup chart of sales tax categories.
· Automatically removes sold items from inventory and makes entries in sales history.
· Change the word “housepack” to another name in System Setup.
· Change the abbreviation for housepack (HP) to another abbreviation in System Setup.
· A note of unlimited length can be added to each housepack.
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· .
· DEFECTIVE FIXTURES (Service Requests)
· Note: This module will easily more than pay for the entire cost of the SoftLight program
· Create “Service Requests” for defective fixtures, parts, and returns.
· List the condition of defective fixture, needed items, etc.
· Automatically finds the PO item was purchased on and price paid.
· Automatically identifies fixture as “defective” in fixture file.
· Print a first request, second request, and final request to fax to rep or manufacturer.
· Track the Service Request through each step. Print reports of status at each step.
· Print a report to give the rep of the status of each of his service requests.
· Automatically create a debit memo if final request exceeds X number of days.
· Print a tag to attach to defective fixture.
· Automatically returns fixture to inventory when defective is repaired.
· Keep a data base of quickly selectable reasons for requesting service on a fixture
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