Product Features - General



· Total Sales Month to Date. Snapshot of sales total and amount reserved on hp's.
· Sales and Cash Summary for current, prior, or combined months screen or print.
· ….. summary of cash received invoiced retail or builder price, taxable, nontaxable
· ….. invoiced on invoice or point-of sale,
· ….. total cash received for tax
· ….. refunds made on invoices and pofs, taxable and non-taxable, builder or retail price
· ….. refunds made for merchandise and tax, builder and retail price.
· ….. receivables, prepaid sales, co-op advertising credits, total cash-on-hand.
· Profit Loss Statement. Current month, previous month, combination of months.
· ….. trial statement available for current or previous month uses average cost of goods
· ….. from history file.
· Gross Profit Report. Current month, previous month, combination of months.
· ….. filter by fixture category, cust category, misc items, date range, supplier, employee.
· ….. summarize by invoice, all invoices, customer, employee, fixture category.
· Sales Tax Summary. Current month, previous month, combination of months.
· ….. summarize by tax category or tax subcategory.
· ….. view all invoices for a tax category or tax subcategory.
· Housepack Profit Report. View profit margins and markups for a housepack,
· ….. beak downs by fixtures, bulbs, miscellaneous items.
· .
· .
· Inventory Value Summary. Inventory in warehouse and showroom, by average and
· ….. replacement cost, defective inventory value, overstock inventory value, excess
· …... inventory value.
· Quarterly Fixture Sales
· Best Sellers, all or for one manufacturer
· Slow Sellers, all or for one manufacturer.
· Suggested Stock Levels. Based on target day's supply, manufacturer's average
· ….. shipping time, sales.
· Excess Inventory Items. Fixtures with stock level = zero but on hand or on order.
· Overstock Inventory Items. Fixtures with stock level greater than 0 but
· … ..too many on-hand.
· Inventory Adjustments. Fixtures whose quantity was adjusted and who adjusted it.
· Sales vs. Inventory Percentage. Inventory percentage by supplier vs. their percentage
· ….. of total sales.
· Day's Supply By Supplier. Total day's supply for each supplier based on sales.
· Total Inventory Value by Supplier. Warehouse, on display, and defective.
· Total Inventory Value by Category. Warehouse, on display, and defective.
· Invoiced Sales History Reports. Sold in a time frame by supplier or by item.
· Items Sold At A Special Price. Sold at other than builder, retail, or
· ….. the allowed discount and what employee sold it.
· Items Sold At A Special Price And Returned. Fixtures sold “on sale” but returned
· ….. and what employee accepted the return.
· Cancelled/Returned Special Orders. Sold or cancelled special orders
· ….. but returned or not cancelled in time and what employee did it.
· Inventory Aging. Average age breakdown of inventory value by manufacturer or fixture.
· .
· .
· Change a Bulb Universally. Change a bulb in all fixtures, housepacks, quotes, etc.
· Change a fixture on all housepacks. (change a fixture in all model homes, etc.)
· Reset all inventory stock levels to suggested levels.
· Purge old fixtures from the inventory.
· Archive old data from files: housepacks, po's, payables, payroll records, employees.
· .
· .
· Sales commissions option.
· “One Price” pricing, or builder and retail prices.
· Require password to charge returns on Point-of-Sale invoices to employee pool.
· Use Short-Sku's for coding fixture numbers.
· Allow both builder and volume discount, or limit to one discount.
· Round retail prices.
· Round builder prices or use calculated price.
· Identify special orders on housepacks and invoices. Requires a password to make returns.
· Sales tax on miscellaneous items, and/or tax on labor. Sales tax on freight charges.
· Apply housepack discount to miscellaneous items, and/or labor, and/or freight charges.
· Print invoices for $0.00 (sometimes accidentally mailed)
· Show payroll checks on check reports.
· Show check balance on reports.
· Show state and/or local withholding on payroll checks.
· .
· .
· Reminders. Enter a reminder and a date, be reminded on the date and X days prior.
· Good Morning Report. Print a daily list of all pertinent reports, select reports to print.
· Short Sku Fixture Coding. Use fixture coding on price tags, invoices, housepacks.
· ….. print outs for easy conversion by warehouse and delivery personnel back to
· ….. manufacturer's number.
· Passwords. Four password levels, passwords throughout program
· ….. can eliminate passwords where not needed.
· Price Tags. Choose a price tag style to suit your needs.
· Printed Terms Statements. Different printed terms to print at the end of invoices,
· ….. housepacks, point-of-sale invoices, delivery copies, po's, service requests, etc.
· Fixture Markup Categories. assign a markup to a category,
· ….. optionally assign a fixture to a markup category.
· ….. automatically reprices a fixture to the assigned markup category.
· ….. can use different markup categories for different items for the same supplier.
· ….. eliminates an across the board markup for a supplier.
· Volume Discount Chart. Enter price ranges for applying a volume discount to invoices
· ….. and housepacks.
· Price Rounding Chart. price ranges for rounding prices to even dollars and/or cents.
· Multiple Store Inventory Transfers. Transfer inventory between stores, track payments.
· Delivery Schedule. Set up four delivery schedules, track staging and delivery by the
· ….. hour. On screen notification of delivery status.
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