Product Features - Customers



· Complete customer data screen for name, address, etc.
· Customer data screen password protected.
· Note of unlimited length for entering other information about customer, discussions, etc.
· View customer's highest historical credit amount.
· Set up a default sales person for each customer.
· Establish a credit limit for each customer, or no limit.
· Toggle a customer's status to “On Credit Hold”.
· Receive on-screen notification when attempting to invoice a customer on credit hold or
· … not on open account.
· Enter payment terms, prompt pay discounts, overall discount, days payment due, etc.
· Enter customer's tax status, tax category, sub tax categories.
· Default housepacks for each customer to volume discount, fixed discount or neither.
· Enter a blind discount that does not appear on invoices but is accepted by aged
· … receivables when applying payments.
· Set up each customer as “Overage by Builder” or “Overage by Customer”
· Set up each customer whether to bill backorders or do not bill backorders on invoices.
· Set up each customer whether allowance includes tax or not.
· Set up each customer to print or not print a monthly statement during statement printing.
· Set up each customer to initially price all housepacks builder or retail price.
· Set up notification of customers with unpaid invoices over X days.
· View a customer's monthly statement onscreen either chronological or aged.
· View prior month's statements by scrolling through the archives onscreen.
· Assign each customer to a category for reports and summaries (builder, electrician,
· … designer, landscaper etc.)
· Search for a customer number by entering a name or partial name.
· Use specially quoted prices for each customer for individual fixtures.
· Print lists of customers by credit status.
· Print a list of customers inactive since X days.
· Utility to close customers inactive since X days.
· Utility to remove customers from the file inactive since X days.
· .
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· A full featured mailing list for adding and editing customers, addresses, email addresses.
· Print mailing labels from customer data base or mailing list.
· Filter mailing labels by customer category.
· Further filter mailing labels printed by zip code.
· Print mailing labels by customer number or alphabetically.
· Start printing at the beginning of the file or select a name to begin with.
· View a list of records missing the name, street address, city, state, or zip code.
· Enter a zip code filter: zip codes to include, zip codes to exclude.
· Set up labels to fit on all popular label sizes.
· Automatically enter names from housepacks and point-of-sale invoices into mailing
· … label data base.
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