Product Features - Accounting II



· Manually entered invoices or automatically bill housepacks (sales orders).
· Invoice pricing, discounts and tax can be set up in each customer's file.
· Print service charge invoices, individually or for all past due accounts.
· Reprint invoices from the archives rather than dig through file cabinets.
· Save a manually entered invoice. Can find and continue typing invoice at a later date.
· Identifies customers that are not on open account or on credit hold.
· Share commission between up to four employees at preset percentages for each.
· Require employee PIN to issue credit invoices for items returned.
· Removes items from a housepack when they are entered on a manual invoice.
· Reprints the billed housepack for the file after selling other items.
· Price the invoice builder price, retail, or enter a discount to either builder or retail pricing.
· Determines the pricing from the customer's file. Requires a password to change pricing.
· Transfer an invoice to another customer. Adjusts tax according to customer's tax status.
· Print a list of missing invoice s or invoices that have had the commission changed.
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· Full featured checking account.
· Print checks or enter manually.
· Select from three check formats, print a sample.
· Code a check to multiple bookkeeping accounts.
· Maintain a data base of recurring or one time bills payable
· Select and print a check for a recurring bill data base (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
· Automatically print checks to accounts payable.
· Print payroll checks.
· Enter and track checking account fees, credit card fees, credit card deposits.
· Find a check in the archive by date, payable to, check number, or dollar amount.
· Balance checkbook on-screen by identifying the processed checks, deposits and fees.
· Toggle whether checking balance is visible on reports or on-screen without a password.
· Toggle whether payroll checks are visible on reports or on-screen without a password.
· Keep a file of insufficient funds checks received. View the file at the sales counter.
· Print a check summary for current, previous, or combination of months.
· ….. summarizes checks by expense, asset, liability, etc., by account code.
· ….. option to include subcode details and individual checks.
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· A complete point-of-sale (“PofS”) module can be toggled on for retail stores.
· PofS invoices can be entered on-screen and printed at the sales counter.
· PofS invoices can be id'd to a builder and receive that builder's pricing and tax status.
· Discounts can be granted on a PofS invoice individually or system-wide during a sale.
· PofS invoices can be saved and resumed later leaving the computer free.
· Payments-on-Account can be made through the PofS module at the sales counter.
· PofS reports can be summarized by day, day of the week, zip code, or hour of the day.
· Day of the week and hourly reports can be used to assist in scheduling.
· Daily cash screen summarizes cash, checks, and credit card sales for balancing cash.
· Cash screen can be for a day, or combination of days if daily balancing not necessary.
· Changes made to pricing and tax can be password protected.
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· .
· Keep a log of sales reps. Data includes name, phone numbers, manufacturers, etc.
· Useful for other persons important to your business such as plumber, accountant, etc.
· Enter a note of unlimited length for each sales rep.
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