Product Features - Accounting  I



· Enter an unlimited number of bookkeeping accounts.
· Enter sub accounts for each main account for tracking. Print reports with or without sub account detail.
· Track cash received, credit card payments, customer payments by check.
· Find payments from customers.
· Easily transfer payments to a different account,
· Print a report of all discounts issued to customers.
· Petty cash entry and tracking.
· Monthly statements, chronological or aged. Print one or all, blank paper or preprinted.
· View aged statement by invoice number, job address, or customer PO number.
· Keep a log of “depreciable” or “fixed” assets.
· Checks written to fixed asset account make automatic entries in the asset log.
· Edit the log to retire assets.
· Print reports of fixed assets for tax purposes.
· Reprint old invoices, point-of-sale invoices, checks, deposits, etc. from the archives.
· Sales tax can assigned to one of 16 categories, with each category broken into subcategories
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· Enter payable invoices from manufacturers with date and amount.
· Preset each manufacturer's payment terms and discounts.
· Receive a daily report of bills to be paid to take discounts and which are due in X days.
· Set up the number of days you wish to be notified prior to a bill's due date.
· Enter freight charges, whether an expense or to be deducted when paid.
· Freight charges automatically designated as expensed freight or pre-pay-and-deduct.
· Freight paid or deducted is identified on the check-stub.
· Automatically split invoices with dating into the proper number of payments
· Invoices for dating are automatically adjusted for the proper amount and the date due.
· Print checks by selecting payables due on-screen.
· Find paid invoices and checks in the archive.
· Track and deduct co-op deductions from payments.
· Enter or create your own debit memos to make deductions from payments to suppliers.
· Print lists of all active payables and dates due.
· Print lists of paid payables, for all or by supplier, and the total purchased for a time period.
· Print a list of the cash requirements for payables for the next 30-60-90 days.
· Print a list of all payables associated with an invoice number.
· Print a list of all payables associated with a check.
· Enter “Recurring Bills”, designate as “one time”, or recurring weekly, monthly, etc.
· Print checks automatically without looking up the account code.
· Account codes are stored in the “recurring bill” data base.
· Get on-screen notification when recurring bills are due.
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· Cash received on a customer account applied to invoices or left as “unapplied amount”.
· Apply $ to invoices, grant discounts to individual invoices, remove offsetting invoices
· Unapply a previously paid invoice
· Debit an old customer credit balance to remove from books.
· Print a 30-60-90 aging summary for one or all customers.
· Print all aged statements for active accounts for mailing.
· Keep a file of insufficient funds checks received. View the file at the sales counter.
· Print a report of customers over their credit limit
· Print a report of customers on credit hold.
· Print a report of customers not open but have balances due
· Print a report of customers with unapplied amounts and unpaid invoices
· Print a report of customers with prepaid amounts but their merchandise was delivered.
· Print a report of percent receivables collected.
· Print a list if invoices with improper discounts
· Receive onscreen notification when attempting to invoice a customer on credit hold or over credit limit.
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· Enter suppliers into the file, assign a supplier prefix.
· Keep track of address, phone numbers, payment terms, sales rep, etc.
· SoftLight keeps a probable shipping date for every supplier based on past performance.
· Keep a warehouse location for each supplier that will be displayed on the fixture's file.
· Enter the freight allowance for the PO module to calculate freight orders automatically.
· Enter a target “day's supply”, SoftLight will suggest stock levels based on sales history.
· View the date of the supplier's last price change.
· Enter a purchase discount and payment terms for each manufacturer.
· The payables module will determine when payables are due and the amount to pay.
· Establish markups for builder price, retail price, and list price.
· Toggle whether to use “Short Sku's” for this supplier to code fixture numbers.
· Toggle whether to notify salespeople to charge freight when special orders are taken for this supplier.
· Assign the supplier to a predetermined “Markup Code” to automatically price fixtures for this supplier.
· Enter a “note” of unlimited size for information regarding this supplier, their rep, etc.
· Enter a “Remark” to be printed on all PO's for this supplier.
· Use the remark for customer number, special quote number, purchase order info, etc.
· Print a list of all warehouse locations for all suppliers to post in the warehouse.
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