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SoftLight Exhibits At ALA Convention in San Antonio - Sep 8, 2007

Softlight will be exhibiting the industry leading "LIGHTS" program at this year's American Lighting Association convention in San Antonio, Texas. According to John Meeker, President of SoftLight, "I am looking forward to personally attending the convention and demonstrating our exciting "LIGHTS" program to everyone that I can. We always look forward to seeing our long time customers, renewing old friendships, and making new ones."

SoftLight is the Lighting Industry's leading software package for Lighting Showrooms and Lighting Sales Companies. With innovative modules for Point Of Sale (POS), Inventory, Accounting, Payroll, Payables and Receivables, and every imaginable function of a lighting business, SoftLight has become the most imitated Lighting Software on the market.

SoftLight is proud of being Industry Specific, written from the start for and by Lighting Showroom owners, never a generic package doctored for Lighting Showrooms.

SoftLight is the only Lighting Showroom Software package whose entire technical support staff consists of current or former lighting showroom owners or employees. SoftLight's technical help is not just "how to fit your question into the software", but how your question relates to the real lighting world from people that understand it.

Please stop by our booth in San Antonio and talk to John Meeker, SoftLight's President. He is looking forward to meeting you, and is excited about helping you and your business in ways you may not have thought of.

SoftLight Inaugurates Web Site - Jul 26, 2007

SoftLight announces the inauguration of its Lighting Showroom web site for registered users of the highly successful LIGHTS software package.

How do you make the world's leading software package for Lighting Showrooms even better? Offer a web site designed for registered users of LIGHTS. According to SoftLight, Inc.'s president John Meeker, "We recognized a need for our users to have easier access to free software updates, free price update files, answers to questions, training and more. Our users are a community that can now communicate with us and each other on our Forum. They will be able to share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, and help us make LIGHTS better with their input."

SoftLight has been setting the industry standard for Lighting Showroom Software for over 20 years. With a large user base, some of them ARTS award winners and nominees, the ability to get and share information among themselves will be a huge leap forward not just for SoftLight, but also the Lighting Industry.

"The web site's Forum doesn't have to be used just to discuss LIGHTS, but will certainly be used to search for needed inventory, compare experiences with reps and manufacturers, and just make friends", according to Meeker. "It is a way to feel like part of a greater community."

The new web site contains a section of Frequently Asked Questions which should answer the most common questions of a new LIGHTS software user, as well as teach tricks to the most seasoned lighting veteran. You can even download or browse the LIGHTS manual online.

"We are very excited about the web site. There is so much in LIGHTS that many of our users haven't yet discovered, and we are looking forward to being able to have all users learn the true power of our Lighting Showroom Software. The best thing about our interactive web site is being able to have a two-way communication with our users", commented Gene Barnhouse, SoftLight's Programming Manager. "We learn so much from them and their suggestions, and we try to add everything to LIGHTS that will benefit the group and make LIGHTS even stronger. I own a Lighting Showroom, and I can't tell you how much I have learned and benefited from the input of other LIGHTS users."

According to Meeker, "We have many users that have told us that if it weren't for LIGHTS software they would have gone out of business years ago. Now they can tell the world."

Whether you are a long time LIGHTS user or looking for a software package for your Lighting Showroom, you really should browse the web site and read the Frequently Asked Questions. Registered users should read the Tips and Workarounds and dive into the Forum. There is no doubt that you will not only learn something, but will be able to share your knowledge with others in the Lighting Industry. And who knows, you might even make a friend.
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Home     Company     Program Features     Testimonials     FAQ     News     Customer Support

SoftLight Announces Updates To Web Site  -  June 12, 2008

SoftLight, Inc, the provider of LIGHTS, the world's leading Lighting Software package, announces the update of their popular web site Staying with their very user-friendly format, they have updated the look of the screens making them easier to navigate and far simpler to find and download the popular free price updates and software updates. New to the site is a very extensive list of the program features and a page of testimonials, if you're interesting in reading what others have to say about LIGHTS.

But maybe the best feature of the entire site is their Customer Support section, which might not be immediately apparent it has been changed. "The presentation of the free price updates that are available needed to be reworked. It wasn't as easy as we thought it should be to browse a list of manufacturers to spot the most current price list. If someone using LIGHTS could change several thousand prices in just a few seconds, why should it take longer than that to find the price list on a screen?", mused John Meeker, President of SoftLight, Inc. With a change of fonts and eliminating a bit of screen clutter, SoftLight has made it easier for a LIGHTS user to quickly browse a screen to make sure that all of their prices are current and up to date.

They have also made the same improvement on the Software Update screen. "Always wanting our users to have free access to the most current features and additions to our LIGHTS program, it is now much easier to spot the latest version and download it", said Meeker. Since SoftLight likes to keep their users updated with the most current version of LIGHTS, this screen may become as frequently visited as their always busy Price Update screen.

SoftLight is constantly updating and adding features to an already feature rich program. Almost every month an updated version of LIGHTS is posted on for a free download. Sometimes the changes are subtle, but usually a new feature is added containing a suggestion from a Lighting Showroom that uses LIGHTS.

"The thing we at SoftLight like the most about our site is being able to give our LIGHTS users instant access to the dozens and dozens of changes and additions we make to our software every year. They don't have to wait 12 months or more for an update", Meeker said. "But maybe the best part is that our users can communicate with us in the Forum and let us know what they want to see in LIGHTS, now and in the future".

Based on the popularity and success of, this just might be the best reason to use LIGHTS to run a lighting showroom. Competitors may try to imitate their incredible software, but they can't top the two-way communication with SoftLight's user base that makes possible.

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