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The creators of SoftLight, all of them current or former lighting showroom owners, recognized a need for a software program written specifically for a lighting showroom or lighting dealer, back in 1984, one year before Microsoft released Windows.

Originally written for Albuquerque Lighting Company, the software grew as the young lighting showroom did, always specific to the needs of their rapidly growing business, and is still considered by them to be one of the major factors in Albuquerque Lighting being the proud winner of two ARTS awards for best lighting showroom.

Other lighting showrooms in the region took notice, and requests began to pour in to purchase a copy of the program for their own use, since nothing else written specifically for their lighting needs was available. SoftLight, Inc. was founded, and the program quickly went from a very strong regional phenomenon to a nationwide company.

Today LIGHTS is the most imitated lighting software package in existence. It is distributed by SoftLight, Inc., an Arizona based company, and has had no changes in its ownership and management since it was founded, making it surely the most stable lighting software company to partner with.

LIGHTS is presently in use from coast to coast. The program has evolved and improved as both computer technology and the lighting industry has changed, and continues to be a dynamic and growing software package, in no small part from the input and suggestions from a broad user base.

Shortly after Microsoft introduced Windows 3.1 in 1992, LIGHTS was converted to a full 16 bit Windows program, and today has evolved into a full 64 bit program that runs on all Windows and Linux platforms.

The philosophy of SoftLight has always been to keep LIGHTS exactly specific to lighting, easy to learn, easy to use, and easy for the user to customize to their own needs.

SoftLight also believes in the strength of a user base that can communicate with both the software company and each other. This web site provides a Customer Support section where users can ask questions, participate in discussions about how they do business and how they use LIGHTS, report trouble, get advice, or just read what others have to say. When you purchase LIGHTS you get access to the experience of others, useful whether you are a first-time software user or converting from another package. SoftLight's user base includes single proprietors as well as multi-store multi-state operations.

SoftLight has built the company's philosophy into the LIGHTS software package. We hope that you will discover for yourself why SoftLight continues to be the most imitated lighting software available.

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